What’s a “Digital Paperback”?

Our recent release of Ghosts I Have Met, and Some Others by John Kendrick Bangs introduced something new for us, the first of what we hope will be a great many DBP Digital Paperback Classics.

What’s a “Digital Paperback”? you may wonder. How can such a thing be?

We’re glad you asked.

Our Digital Paperback Classics are superior reproductions of classic works, rarities, and unusual finds, priced at a very manageable, recession-conscious $2.99 (U.S.).

Of course, some of these books you’ll be able to get as free downloads elsewhere, but take a good look. Every one of those freebies we’ve seen is so rife with errors and sloppy formatting that reading them is an exercise in distraction. Our editions go through a painstaking word-by-word comparison against the original printed text, mimic the original typography as well as the digital format allows, and give you all-new DBP-exclusive extras. Our Bangs book, for example, includes a “Frivolous Reading Group Guide,” an illuminating foreword by Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land author Scott Mignola, and high-quality scans of the illustrations from an actual 1898 first edition we were fortunate enough to get our hands on. We take pride in what we do.

That said, we’re hoping you’ll throw us a bone and check out the first in our Digital Paperback Classics series. Download a sample for your Kindle, Apple device, or Kobo e-reader. Compare it to one of those slapdash freebie editions. You’ll see what we’re talking about.

And remember, your $2.99 helps fund our mission of providing more low-cost digital books to literate and deserving folks such as yourself, some of whom might never learn of our more obscure titles otherwise.

Questions? Tweet us, Facebook us, leave a comment below, or send a good old-fashioned e-mail to memi@dogboypro.com. We’re always glad to hear from you.

Happy reading!

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New Release, September 13!

Western superstitions be damned! On Friday the 13th—come hell or high water or hail of frogs—we’re rolling out our third e-book, and it’s a corker!

Really? we hear you saying. You’d thumb your nose at Fate rather than wait another 24 hours, until the much safer-sounding Saturday the 14th?

Yes. Truth be told, we’re too giddy with excitement to wait even one more day. After all, we’re talking about Ghosts I Have Met, and Some Others, a most peculiar collection of supernatural tales by John Kendrick Bangs, the renowned humorist for whom the term Bangsian fantasy was coined.

Author John Kendrick Bangs and friend.

Author John Kendrick Bangs and friend.

This lovely tidbit was first published in 1898—the same year that brought us The War of the Worlds, The Turn of the Screw, and Jerome K. Jerome’s Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow—and we’ve gone to great lengths to preserve the integrity of the original. Not only do you get pristine reproductions of all 23 original plate illustrations; there’s also a Frivolous Reading Group Guide, and an illuminating foreword by Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land author Scott Mignola.

And that’s not all. Hold on to your knickers, because it’s all yours, everything described above, and maybe even some things that in our excitement we’ve neglected to mention, for the unfathomably low price of $2.99 American dollars!

Why so reasonably priced? you ask. Because, even in the midst of a recovering economy, times are hard. And because we love you.

Purchase information is available on our website, which has been redressed in fall colors to stir up visions of warm stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner!

We’ve reached 400 Likes on Facebook! You know what that means, don’t you?

All right, remember back in June when we said we’d give away one copy each of our first two e-books, Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio and Scott Mignola‘s equally perverse sequel, Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land, to the 400th lucky person to Like our Facebook page? Well, it happened today!

So a big congratulations to Mike Corley (henceforth known to us as Lucky #400), our first ever contest winner! Let us know how you like those Pinocchio books, Mike!

And speaking of Likes, thanks to all 400 of you following us on Facebook or subscribing to our blog. You are each a vital cog in the formidable book-publishing machine we’re assembling in the musty Dog Boy Productions basement. Stay tuned for news about our next publication, slated for sometime next month.

For those of you who had your eye on the prize but slept in late this morning, distress not! Like #450 will get a free iTunes download of our soon-to-be-revealed next book. Like #500 will get a download of every book we’ve published. That’s right. We’re just that fond of you.

So again, if you like what we’re doing, tell your friends, your relatives (both estranged and familiar), the mail lady, the lonely inmate you’ve fallen into the habit of corresponding with—whoever. We humbly appreciate your support.

In defense of e-books.

We’ve been asked lately if we have any plans to publish in traditional printed book form. The answer, at present, is no. Not that we have anything against physical books. We love books! We love the feel and the old-timey smell of them. But we’re just a humble startup, with a simple mission of reintroducing rare, unusual, and out-of-print works to readers who might never know of their existence otherwise. We’re also eager to discover and publish new writers with distinctive voices and wild visions. The digital format allows us to do that, to publish what we want to publish, the way we want to publish it, with a focus on bringing the beauty of the printed word to this relatively new and evolving format.

So, that said, here’s a list of our most compelling reasons for embracing e-books (with no pressure on you to start dismantling those sagging bookshelves):

1. Portability. Travel frequently? Spend a lot of time in line at the post office? Wouldn’t it be something to have an entire library in your pocket or handbag, with new books just a wi-fi or cellular connection away? E-books weigh nothing, and don’t take up any valuable real estate in your luggage, so load up that e-reader before you hit the road.

2. Built-in dictionary. We can forgive you for not knowing what animal spraints issue from, or how easily one might conceal a poniard about one’s person. We can even forgive you for not pulling down that heavy old American Heritage dictionary in order to enlighten yourself, but can you? How much simpler to tap the confounding word and have it define itself as if by magic. Yes, we live in such a world!

3. Searchable text. If you’re like us, you get bogged down occasionally by all of those character names and exotic locations. Type in a search and voila! See instantly where a word or phrase first appeared and go there.

4. Annotate. Who wants to scrawl notes in the margins of a favorite book? Do it digitally, highlighting favorite passages and adding searchable notes, with the option to edit or remove them later. Great for doing research.

5. Versatility. Change font size and type, and adjust screen brightness to reduce eye strain.

6. Read anywhere. Kindle has free mobile and desktop apps for accessing your purchased books, and this fall Apple will include a desktop version of iBooks with its new Mavericks operating system. Bookmark a page on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

7. Browse virtually. Curious about a book? Download a sample and read the first few chapters at your leisure before committing to a purchase. Then either delete it or tap a button to buy. Yours in seconds!

8. Hey, man, it’s eco-friendly. No gas-sucking trucks or planes shipped that e-book to you. And no matter how many  copies of Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land we sell, we won’t have the sap of a single tree on our hands. That’s a good feeling, one our little wooden friend would approve of.

9. Abuse-resistant. Your e-book’s pages won’t tear or fall out or discolor with age. That burrito that just fell apart in your hand won’t stain it. Drop your iPhone in the toilet (again!) and you can simply repopulate your iBookshelf on a new device from the cloud.

10. Saves time and potential injury. The digital bookshelf gathers no dust. And no paper cuts!

Book giveaway!

As a thank-you for your support of our little publishing startup, we’re giving away one copy each of our first two e-books, Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883) and Scott Mignola‘s brand-new, never-before-published sequel, Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land. Read all about them HERE.

How do you win? Be the 400th lucky person to Like our Facebook page and we’ll send you voucher codes for free downloads from the iTunes Store. If you Like us already, thanks! Now be a pal and share this message with your friends so they’ll have a chance to win. And stay tuned; we’ll be announcing more giveaways soon.


Glowing customer review on Amazon!

Woo! First customer review of Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land posted to the U.S. Amazon site today, and it’s a rave! Check it out HERE. Thanks, T. A.!

And long-overdue congratulations to author Scott Mignola. Many more glowing reviews to come, we’re sure!

Which reminds us: If you’ve read either or both of the Pinocchio books, don’t be bashful about sharing your thoughts. Head on over to your local Amazon or iTunes site and leave a review of your own. This will help attract readers from beyond our little social media circle and greatly increase our exposure.

Thanks in advance! We so appreciate your support!