New Release, September 13!

Western superstitions be damned! On Friday the 13th—come hell or high water or hail of frogs—we’re rolling out our third e-book, and it’s a corker!

Really? we hear you saying. You’d thumb your nose at Fate rather than wait another 24 hours, until the much safer-sounding Saturday the 14th?

Yes. Truth be told, we’re too giddy with excitement to wait even one more day. After all, we’re talking about Ghosts I Have Met, and Some Others, a most peculiar collection of supernatural tales by John Kendrick Bangs, the renowned humorist for whom the term Bangsian fantasy was coined.

Author John Kendrick Bangs and friend.

Author John Kendrick Bangs and friend.

This lovely tidbit was first published in 1898—the same year that brought us The War of the Worlds, The Turn of the Screw, and Jerome K. Jerome’s Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow—and we’ve gone to great lengths to preserve the integrity of the original. Not only do you get pristine reproductions of all 23 original plate illustrations; there’s also a Frivolous Reading Group Guide, and an illuminating foreword by Pinocchio’s Forgotten Land author Scott Mignola.

And that’s not all. Hold on to your knickers, because it’s all yours, everything described above, and maybe even some things that in our excitement we’ve neglected to mention, for the unfathomably low price of $2.99 American dollars!

Why so reasonably priced? you ask. Because, even in the midst of a recovering economy, times are hard. And because we love you.

Purchase information is available on our website, which has been redressed in fall colors to stir up visions of warm stuffing and pumpkin pie.


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